Purification and filtration of fuel

Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services is characterized by the latest cars equipped with a remote control to clean the fuel tanks and has all the approved certificates in this sector.
It is one of the first in the Middle East to liquidate and separate fuel or diesel from the water and impurities and to automatically return filtered fuel to 1200- liter vacuum tanks in the minute, the retention of water and impurities resulting from the filtration process inside the tanks of the car to calculate the amount damaged.
The filtration car is one of the innovations of Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services.

The first mobile refinery integrated with the latest technologies, which cleans tanks, filters and purifies fuel and diesel blended water and other impurities in the tanks of gas stations to 100% safety and without the need to close the station to avoid any disruption of your activities.

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