Vapor Recovery System

Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services is one of the leading companies in the field of processing and maintenance of petrol station and oil wells.
Since its establishment, it has achieved the highest rank in this field through the R & D department, which has used many services related to fuel tanks, including devices to prevent evaporation of air saturated with fuel.
All certificates are certified by international standards.
Its commitment to public safety and risk management requirements,
Do not let your money fly in the air
Evaporation of fuel saturated with gasoline:

One of the biggest causes of pollution of the environment and the loss of large quantities of gasoline without benefit is the evaporation of fuel saturated with gasoline. Therefore, Maayear Engineering Company for petroleum services supplied and developed the vapor recovery system at various stages (FV_1) _
(FV_2) _ (FV_3)

  • When the fuel tank is discharged into the station’s tanks, the air will automatically enter the tanker. When the discharge replaces the fuel air, which is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, amounts of moisture and dust. . .
    Which affects the air saturation of gasoline and does not provide the same amount required at discharge.
     When the fuel station is operated, the air will automatically enter through the ventilation pipe inside the tanks. The air will be saturated with gasoline and will cause oxidation and oxidation inside the tanks.
    How to recover air saturated with gasoline to reservoirs?
    (FV_1) – (FV_2) – (FV_3) filters and breaks the particulate air saturated with gasoline and is emitted by the ventilation tube and separates air from benzene by 0.7% to 1%.

Protect the environment and public safety from hazards.
When refueling customers’ vehicles, vapors are automatically emitted in the open air, one of the biggest causes of environmental pollution and risk.
How to recover vapors from private cars to station tanks?
The device pulls the gasoline-filled vapors from the car tanks into the station’s tanks during packing and prevents the vapors from circulating in the open air by filtering and cracking the saturated air particles.
This is a real gain for the owner of the station.

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