Manufacture and installation of surface and underground fuel tanks

Fuel tanks are the center of gravity of Maayear Engineering Company for petroleum services; our company manufactures all types and sizes of tanks, horizontal and vertical, single or double layer (double wall, single).

Stainless steel tanks are also manufactured.

Tank coating

Our company insulates tanks from inside with topaz (fiberglass processor) based on the latest devices and advanced technologies.

Topaz is a chemically inert substance that does not interact with petroleum products, in accordance with approved certificates, which protects the inner walls of tanks from corrosion, increasing the life of the tanks.

The coating process is carried out with the expertise of qualified engineers and technicians who respect the highest levels of public safety and who respect international standards.

The coating includes all types of tanks: petroleum tanks and chemical tanks, in addition to drinking water tanks.

Sale and repair of petrol pipes

Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services seeks to meet the requirements of its customers that is why petrol pipes are among our interests:

  • Manufacture and sale of pipes of all types and sizes
  • Pipe repair
  • Leakage and corrosion pipe coating

Manufacture and assembly of canopy

It is a basic component of the service stations; Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services manufactures all kinds of canopy according to customer demand and commitment of the presented design.

Purification and filtering of fuel

Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services is characterized by the latest cars equipped with a remote control to clean the fuel tanks and has all the approved certificates in this sector.

It is one of the first in the Middle East to liquidate and separate fuel or diesel from the water and impurities and to automatically return filtered fuel to 1200-liter vacuum tanks in the minute, the retention of water and impurities resulting from the filtration process inside the tanks of the car to calculate the amount damaged.

The filtration car is one of the innovations of Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services.

The first mobile refinery integrated with the latest technologies, which cleans tanks, filters and purifies fuel and diesel blended water and other impurities in the tanks of gas stations to 100% safety and without the need to close the station to avoid any disruption of your activities.

Tank automation system

This device mainly measures the volume of gasoline pumped by the fuel pumps and this machine is equipped with various measuring devices to ensure the accuracy of the calibration.

3D Laser tank calibration

The 3D calibration device developed by our experts is the world’s most advanced manufacturer, which allows you to get a complete and accurate diagram of the fuel tank under and above the ground in 3D.

The device creates a table showing the amount of fuel per centimeter inside the tank and on any High and check if there is fuel mixed with diesel.

Vapor Recovery System


Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services is one of the leading companies in the field of processing and maintenance of petrol station and oil wells.

Since its establishment, it has achieved the highest rank in this field through the R & D department, which has used many services related to fuel tanks, including devices to prevent evaporation of air saturated with fuel. All certificates are certified by international standards.

Its commitment to public safety and risk management requirements,

Do not let your money fly in the air

Evaporation of fuel saturated with gasoline:

One of the biggest causes of pollution of the environment and the loss of large quantities of gasoline without benefit is the evaporation of fuel saturated with gasoline. Therefore, Maayear Engineering Company for petroleum services supplied and developed the vapor recovery system at various stages (FV_1) _ (FV_2) _ (FV_3)

The first stage:

  • When the fuel tank is discharged into the station’s tanks, the air will automatically enter the tanker. When the discharge replaces the fuel air, which is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, amounts of moisture and dust. . . Which affects the air saturation of gasoline and does not provide the same amount required at discharge.
  • When the fuel station is operated, the air will automatically enter through the ventilation pipe inside the tanks. The air will be saturated with gasoline and will cause oxidation and oxidation inside the tanks.

How to recover air saturated with gasoline to reservoirs?

(FV_1) –  (FV_2) – (FV_3) filters and breaks the particulate air saturated with gasoline and is emitted by the ventilation tube and separates air from benzene by 0.7% to 1%.

The second phase:

Protect the environment and public safety from hazards.

When refueling customers’ vehicles, vapors are automatically emitted in the open air, one of the biggest causes of environmental pollution and risk.

How to recover vapors from private cars to station tanks?

The device pulls the gasoline-filled vapors from the car tanks into the station’s tanks during packing and prevents the vapors from circulating in the open air by filtering and cracking the saturated air particles.

This is a real gain for the owner of the station.


Manufacturing all types of filters

Using all our expertise and technology around the world, our company manufactures all kinds of filters:

  • Filters for tanks
  • Filters for gasoline pumps
  • Filters for the refinery.

Filters protect gas pumps from dirt and damage.

Storage tank calibration


The calibration of the reservoirs is a technological program helps you to limit the number of liters inside your tank and control your sales accurately thanks to the information processor and sensors that enable you to follow your sales remotely.

This device performs several tasks, the most important of which are:

1 – The possibility of connecting two tanks with one device

  1. Calculate the number of liters of fuel within the tank and include (current ‘residual’ amount of consumption)
  2. Calculate the number of liters of water inside the tank.
  3. Reading the temperature of the gasoline.
  4. Set the alarm when the fuel level is low.
  5. Calculate the total surface of the tank
  6. Full control of all remote information via the screen.

Mobile fuel stations

Our engineering research and development team has recently devised a new system that will solve common problems in remote area.

Our team has addressed this problem by inventing our own version of mobile fuel stations that have been manufactured with the highest safety standards, through this system; you can transfer your fuel station anytime and anywhere wish safely and easily.




We would like to present to you the new product “Manhole”; it was specially manufactured in our company in Turkey, which prevents the leakage of water to the tanks of the station.

Manhole is composed of chemical materials that are resistant to breakage, bear a weight of 45 tons, and are characterized by lightweight where the worker can open and lift the cover easily.