Maayear Petroleum Services

Innovation, Customer Service and People are our core Values

Maayear Petroleum Services provide specialist cleaning and waste management services to the oil refinery. 

Maayear Global Engineering Petroleum Services Company Ltd. (M.G.E.P.S.) established in 1996 in Jordan by Eng. Wael Jebril, working up towards our goals of finding safe technical solutions to the problems facing oil and gas producing companies and to being the leading operation and maintenance qualified company for the oil and gas industry in our target international markets. Maayear (M.G.E.P.S.) is dedicated to planning and managing the Operation and Maintenance of Oil & Gas plants to ensure that safe operational performance is optimized, that availability is maximized and that cost is minimized. In short, Maayear (M.G.E.P.S.) specializes in maintaining clients’ production facilities and Oil & Gas plants so they run safely and efficiently at minimum cost while upholding the highest health, safety, and environment standards in the industry.

Professional Maintenance Services is Indispensable:

Maintenance is the main tool to prevent system failures and ensure the stabilized operation and increase the production and productive life of the assets. Delivering safe and efficient Operation & Maintenance, and maintaining close and cooperative working relationships with our customers is the core of M.G.E.P.S 's management. M.G.E.P.S prides itself on its consistent application of the newest available technology and on providing a high-quality standard of services to maintain our clients’ production facilities so they run safely and efficiently at minimum cost.

Experience & Innovation Within the Oil Industry

The history of the Maayear Petroleum Services began more than 25 years ago with our first contract in tank cleaning. Since the company’s founding in 1996 in Jordan, our performance has grown continuously, ‘year-on-year’, implementing innovative solutions and incorporating the very latest technologies available. This strategy has enabled the company to develop into one of the best known and most competent supplier of crude oil tank desludging and cleaning services, achieving remarkable success and, an incredible reputation in this area of expertise. This accomplishment, subsequently led to the expansion of our business into the Middle East and Europe.

In 2015, the first international branch office for Maayear Petroleum Services was established in Turkey owing to the excellent domestic opportunities the country had to offer. And due to the many incentives and privileges extended by the Government of Turkey to foreign investors, the company made a bold strategic decision to move its headquarters from Jordan to Istanbul.

2016 the company opened a branch in Saudi Arabia to oversee the Gulf region and succeeded to implement several work contracts with Aramco and Petromin in Saudi Arabia and ADNOC UAE, and Basra Refinery in Iraq.

Building the very best on our past to develop a continued successful future.

After extensive research, June 2021 saw the opening of our branch in Libya to contribute to the development of the Oil & Gas sector, and to become the gateway to the vast opportunities available across the Maghreb Al-Arabia and North African countries have to offer. Today, Maayear Petroleum Services operates a wide range of oil services covering, but not limited to desludging and cleaning of storage crude oil tanks

  • Inspection services for Pipelines and Storage oil tanks
  • Pipelines & tanks anti-corrosion and leak repair
  • Repair of jetty piles at offshore oil platforms and
  • Manufacture, cleaning and maintenance of heat exchanger
  • Purification & filtration of fuel.

Customer services

We are extremely proud of our level of service and commitment to our valued customers, both existing and new.


Working to contribute to the development of the oil sector and to provide bespoke & innovative solutions that help to develop technology and the industry as a whole.


Our investment in our workforce is a paramount factor in offering our customers the very best possible service.

Health & Safety

We maintain high standards of health and safety to provide solutions that are compliant, sustainable and meets the expectations of our customers..