Oil pipeline leak repair

Oil pipeline leak repair

Repair Services:

Pipelines are an important structure for transporting oil and gas over long distances. However,
pipelines also suffer from many threats Particularly corrosion and leakage. Our company is mainly
engaged in providing maintenance safe, fast, and efficient service services to repair pipeline leaks without shutting down the system or interrupting the production process.

Pipe leak repair technology:

A team of Maayear engineers makes a site visit to the pipeline site to prepare a report focusing specifically on the leakage of the pipe, to determine the type of materials that will be used to stop the leak and treat the corrosion.
After inspection, the company's qualified engineers and technicians who value the highest levels of health and public safety, clean the area around the leakage hole and smooth any sharp edges. Then the leaking hole is injected with a mixture of customized products mixed by Maayear company lab technicians according to the
engineering report submitted during the initial site visit. the mixture is prepared by highly qualified technicians who has the required expertise for measuring and mixing resins that arrests pipe leak according to the international quality standards for resins and in compliance with international health, safety, and environmental standards.

As leakage stops, the company’s team of engineers and technicians inspect the corrosion area of the pipe. Clean the damaged part of the pipe and prepare the surface according to international standards, after a pipe repair clamp is placed on the surface of the damaged pipe section. Then the coating process begins with
automatic pumping of the resin mixture into the clamp's hole to cure leakage and repair corrosion. And to Strengthen and fortify the pipe and rehabilitate it for operation.

The chemical filling mixture for leak seal and corrosion repair consists of:

(Topaz aluminum and fluorine silicate, fiberglass processor, carbon fiber, and internationally approved processing resins, SIROPOL 8340-8340-TPWH, and comply with Federal Regulations (FDA) 21,177.2420).

All products of the chemical filling mixture used for leakage and corrosion treating are chemically inert materials that do not interact with petroleum products and are prepared according to approved certificates that protect the inner walls of tanks and pipes from corrosion and increase their life.

Maayear enables you to repair pipe leaks and treat corrosion as well as restore the thickness of pipes and walls of the storage tanks to the factory thickness.

For a quality guarantee of its products and services, Maayear company grants a 7-year certificate of guarantee, the fellow-up for the first year is free of charge then a maintenance shall signed with the client.