Heat Exchanger cleaning & Maintenance

About service Heat Exchanger cleaning

Refineries depend on clean heat exchangers to maintain efficient plant operation. In the case of crude unit exchangers, heavy asphaltenes from the crude can accumulate on the walls of the exchanger tubes. Calcium and other minerals in the plant cooling water system can plate out on overhead exchanger tubes. But eventually, fouling is an unavoidable reality in the use of heat exchangers.

increased energy consumption.
Maayear offers heat exchanger cleaning services including washing and cleaning of heat exchanger
tubes with high-pressure water jet technology without brushes or anything that could damage the tubes.
The use of high-pressure water jet technology removes scale, rust, residues, and other sediments and can
clean the heat exchanger thoroughly and efficiently.

Cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers are very important to keep systems running efficiently and regular maintenance ensures equipment is in working condition and helps prevent emergency repairs. The cost of cleaning a heat exchanger is small compared to the cost of lost production should a heat exchanger
require an unscheduled shutdown.