Sludge removal and cleaning of crude oil storage tanks

After the long experience and know-how gained during more than a decade providing petroleum services, and after studies conducted by the company research and development team on the problems faced by oil producers; including leakage and corrosion of tank walls and pipelines. Problems related to health, safety, and environment, as well as the problem of storage tanks, shut down for a long time due to the lack of using modern technology for desludging and cleaning crude oil storage tanks.

In 2008, Maayear Global Engineering Petroleum Services developed a unique solution for desludging and cleaning crude oil storage tanks, by manufacturing the first Maayear mobile refinery with an automated, No-Man-Entry system, specially designed to recover sludge and clean large fixed-floating tanks without the presence of personnel inside the tank.

The Maayear high-efficiency robotic system is manufactured according to the latest technologies and to the international HSEQ standards, safe for use in hazardous/explosive atmospheres ATEX CERTIFIED providing a safer work environment for employees and reduces the tank downtime, without the need for staff entrance into a permit-required confined space and with the ability to recover 95-98% of the hydrocarbons present in the composition of the sludge.