Repair of jetty piles at Offshore Oil Platforms.

Repair of jetty piles at Offshore Oil Platforms.

Jetty piles are the main parts of the platform, and over the years and the lack ofcommitment to any periodic maintenance, it will cause corrosion, cracks, and holes in all the lower parts of the piles as it’s a dangerous area (due to the tides, thermal shrinkages or thermal expansions).

To treat such problems that may affect the Jetty piles, the Maayear engineering research and development team invented a chemic filling that fills the leakage holes or cracks and treats the corrosion. The Maayear’s chemical filling is not affected by external factors It keeps the jetty piles at the required efficient operation and preservation conditions. It also guarantees safe, correct, efficient, and on-schedule
execution of the repair.

The Maayear’s chemic filling is made of resin and other coating materials and it’s a chemically inert material that neither interacts with oil substances nor with seawaters. It’s used to protect the affected piles by the tides, thermal shrinkages, or thermal expansions.
The Maayear’s chemic filling and its coating services contribute to prolonging the operational life of the platform and the durability of the piles protecting them from wave movement. The raw materials used in this material conform to the highest international specifications.

The Repair Processes

After the sensory examination on the site to ensure the application of general safety measures before work begins, the staff measures the jetty piles diameters to be manufactured in the factory of Maayear Engineering company for Petroleum Services.

After the manufacturing,the vacuum molds are ready for installation and linking them around the
platform piles in technical ways according to the diameter of the pile, and the mold is applied from the bottom where the rust and corrosion located extending from 50 cm to 2 meters underwater and above the water surface according to the height of Jetty Piles.
Maayear Engineering Company for Petroleum Services locks the bottom of the tubmold on the jetty pile automatically and the tub space left is 1 m from the circumference of the jetty pile diameter to ensure the engineer’s comfort during lining in all directions.

Then the tub mold is gradually lowered into the water surface for a distance extending from 50 cm to 2 m then installing a second ring is above the first tub so that the tub becomes 2 m below the surface of water or more. The water is withdrawn and dried from the inside of the tub using the sandblasting machine and cleaned using resinous materials.

Then start isolating the jetty pile with carbon fibers from two to three layers depending on the erosion of the jetty pile. After that, the mold is installed at a height of 3 m and its diameter is greater than the diameter of the main pile by 1 cm. The work area inside the tub is one meter and it could be more or less as required.

Note that the injection mold has three openings from the bottom and the top and the openings are controlled by a biometric system, then the injection of chemical filling is carried out from the bottom of the mold
to the top so that the air will automatically exit from the upper exit when the first injection mold is
finished, the second mold is directly injected. When the injection molds are finished, they should be left for 24 to 48 hours.

After that, the removal of molds starts by removing the first mold and then the second one. Upon the completion of the removal of the molds and after checking the insulation strength, the lower entrances to the tub are automatically opened to let the water enter inside the tub.
Thus the risk ratio becomes 0%. Then the bottom lockers of the molds are loosened to make the hydraulic system operate so it opens the lower locker automatically and this process is to facilitate the removal and installation of the tubs.


  • Bearing strength to high collisions.
  • High resistance to corrosion and cracks.
  • Withstand high temperatures.
  • Durability of climate change (tides, thermal shrinkages, or thermal expansions)

Maayear Company for Petroleum Services provides

Seven (7) years guarantee for its Jetty Piles repair services. First-year free of charge (with fellow up each Six (6) months). Afterward, a maintenance contract shall be signed with the client for following up for the rest of the Six years.