Maayear Robot Technology

Maayear Robot Technology:

Maayear Global Engineering Petroleum Services Co. designed and utilized robotic technology and name
it the robot system for sludge recovery and tank cleaning. The system centered on sludge recovery
and crude oil storage tank cleaning without the need for a human to enter the tank “No-Man-Entry”. Aimed at minimizing human entry into confined spaces during tank cleaning operations, maximizing the recovery of valuable crude materials, and minimizing the waste produced during the cleaning operation. The system provides a safe and effective method in terms of time, cost, and optimum performance for sludge removal and
tank cleaning.

Maayear Global Engineering Petroleum Services Co. has used its In-house robotic technology in many refineries and power plants, and clients were very satisfied with Maayear utilized robot technology.
The remote-controlled robots scrape and pump the sludge from the bottom of the
oil tanks to the separator’s devices and route it to the four Centrifuges for
processing. This method of tank desludging and cleaning does not require the need for a human to
enter the tank, which provides a safer work environment for employees and enables the customer to follow up the cleaning processes from a control room in the trailer, or through his IPad.

Maayear Sludge Recovery Robot System complies with local and international quality, health, safety, and environment standards as well as ATEX directives.
Advantages of Maayear robotic technology:
• Safety: Robotic technology reduces high-risk operations by 80 percent,
providing a safer work environment for employees and facilities.
• Health and Safety are prioritized due to personnel not having to enter or be exposed to Hazardous Environments.
• Enable us to reduce our headcount on site.
• Improving working conditions.
• Substantially shorter shut-down time by 80%, reduces project duration
and intensity, enabling us to clean more efficiently and complete
projects at a fraction of the price charged by competitors.
• Cost-Effective, Safe, Efficient cleaning process.
• Environmentally-friendly operations.
• Reducing environmental impact.
• The system requires less water, air, and electricity.
• No pollution of groundwater.
• Oil recovery rates from 95-98%.
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Environmental Benefits of Robotic Standards Technology:
• Do not vent into the atmosphere.
• No pollution of groundwater.
• Separation of sludge simultaneously.
• The system requires less water, air, and electricity.